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1. 1909 Marmarinon Benevolent Society of Afthoni. 2. 1928 Marmarinon Picnic. This picture shows the Marmarini at a picnic or "Picuiniqui" as the old timers called it. These social outings allowed old timers to relive memories of their "paritha" (fatherland). It gave the youth an opportunity to meet and renew friendships. The Marmarini have continued to get together for nearly 80 years in Los Angeles. 3. 1979 Acropolis Cafe. Mr. Stategakis, owner of the Acropolis since Captain Rallis' death in 1931, and Dr. James F. Dimitriou in the right rear part of the coffee house.

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4. 1980 Marmarinon Group Picture. 5. 1904 - Captain Rallis, grandfather of Dr. James F. Dimitriou, the first proprietor of the Acropolis Cafe located in "Greek Town" on 4th and Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, California.  

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